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Electric mobility Finland offers you the best brands of electric bikes, skates and scooters. We are focused only on E.U. brands, to give you  reliable and innovative products.




Evo-Spirit is a reference for electric skateboards, and electric scooters, with more than 10 years of experience in the design and manufacture of electric mobility devices.

Quality equipment, efficient customer service and "made in France" innovations will give you an unforgettable electric mobility experience.

Urban and offroad modularity for commuting  or for a nice ride in countryside.

And 2 years warranty on Switcher's and Curve's skates Batteries, you can't find that elsewhere


Elwing incorporate the latest inovation and technology into their products and make them modular to maximize their utility and lifespan. They remove all the non-essential intermediaries that separate the user from the product. No wholesaler, no import company, no communication, advertising or press relations agency. They cultivate a very low acquisition cost and maintain consistent and transparent margins. 

Great and affordable products for your urban mobility

Rayvolt SEB2.png

Whilst other e-bike companies are compenting against conventional bikes and trying to take their market share, Ravyolt is choosing a different direction. Rayvolt wants to replace petrol mopeds and believe that light vehicles using fossil fuel will become obsolete in 5 years. 

Their unique design combined with a state of the art technology stands out from the crowd, and puts Rayvolt bikes in a class of its own that offers the perfect product for users who like traditional bicycles.


Timeless pieces of transportations.

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