Evo-Spirit  Curve V4

Evo-Spirit Curve V4


Powerful dual motor longboard
39km / h at top speed

Autonomy up to 56km

Removable battery "made in France" 

7-ply bamboo flex tray

1200 watt (2 * 600w) motors integrated in each rear wheels.

2 years skate and battery warranty

Road/Sport Version
  • Product Info

    A real longboard with flex board and interchangeable battery made in France! 

    The Evo-spirit 2020 electric skateboards are the only ones to offer both a high-end flex deck AND a large capacity interchangeable battery.

    We have developed a 100% bamboo deck composed of 7 plies and measuring 97cm * 28cm to obtain flex, providing comfort and allowing you to rediscover the sensations of a non-motorized skateboard.

    In order not to limit the flex of the tray, we chose to create a compact and separate controller block and battery pack.

    This battery pack is interchangeable, it allows you to replace the battery easily and without tools. You can invest in a second battery and carry it in your backpack on your electric skate rides, for maximum autonomy.

    An exclusive Evo-Spirit innovation!

    Technical characteristics of the Curve V4 

    Two EIM Technology motors of 600w each.

    39km / h maximum

    56km maximum (with 14 A.h lithium battery).

    100% bamboo 7-ply tray 97cm * 28cm with FLEX.

    Wheels: 90mm - 80A - rubber replaceable independently of the motors.

    Interchangeable battery made in France.

    Bluetooth remote control with lcd screen

    Latest generation controller with charge indicator.

    Loading time :
    7 A.h battery: 3h
    11.6 A.h battery : 5h
    14 A.h battery: 3h thanks to the 4A fast charger.

    7 A.h battery: 8.5kg
    11.6 A.h battery: 9.3kg
    14 A.h battery: 9.5kg

    supplied with carrying bag, horn and light kit.

    2 years skate and batteries warranty



    Two powerful motors in the wheels

    This new generation electric skateboard combines all the simplicity of the classic longboard with the power and innovation of the "Evo In-wheel Motor" electric motor.

    These 2 brushless motors of 600 watts each are integrated into the rear wheels of 90mm diameter and 80A hardness.


    These hub motors allow you to reach top speeds of up to 39 km / h while maintaining exceptional stability.

    Its excellent freewheel increases range and gives a real skate feel, without feeling resistance when you stop accelerating!

    The direct drive from the motor to the wheels eliminates the need for a drive belt, so there is no maintenance required.

    The gums of the wheels are interchangeable, in case of wear, you can easily replace them.


    lithium battery “Made in France”
    The Curve v4 electric skate can be equipped with large capacity batteries for maximum autonomy.
    - battery 7A.h
    - battery 11.6A.h
    - 14Ah battery (equipped with a 4A fast charger)

    The interchangeable battery pack can be replaced easily and without tools, so you can increase your range thanks to optional battery packs, which can be carried in a backpack.

    For greater safety and reliability, all our batteries are assembled in a specialized workshop in France, with high quality Samsung brand cells.

    This high quality assembly with a BMS (control circuit) designed especially for our batteries offers several advantages:

    - Have batteries with a longer lifespan, around 800 charge and discharge cycles, making it possible to offer a 2-year warranty. We are probably the only brand to offer such a long warranty on the batteries.


    - Having safe and reliable batteries, eliminates the risk of fire compared to batteries assembled abroad.

    Made in France comes at a cost, but for Evo-Spirit the reliability and safety of our customers are priceless.


    Autonomy of the Curve V4

    - 56km Max with 14 A.h battery (504W.h)
    - 46km Max with the battery 11.6 A.h (418W.h)
    - 28km Max with 7 A.h battery (252W.h)

    The 7 A.h battery is delivered in a thin 28mm battery pack that we recommend for the Curve V4.

    The 11.6 A.h and 14 A.h batteries are supplied in 56mm thick battery packs.

    If you want a long battery life, we encourage you to use two 7Ah battery packs, to keep a thin battery pack.


    Electric skateboard approved for road or sport version
    To adapt to the new regulations concerning Personal Motorized Displacement Vehicles (EDPM), Evo-Spirit gives you the possibility of choosing between 2 versions:


    - The sport version, not restrained, allowing you to ride up to 39km / h, only on private grounds.


    - The EDPM version, approved for driving on public roads, restricted to 25 km / h.


    The EDPM version is supplied with an audible warning device (doorbell on the finger), as well as a removable lighting kit that attaches to the truck.


    Evo-Spirit offers you to choose between a means of locomotion allowing you to ride legally on the road, or an overpowered motorized skateboard for maximum sensations.


    Controller with charge indicator
    The new generation brushless controller is optimized and tuned for the Curve V4 and has an LCD display showing the battery charge.


    Bluetooth remote control with LCD screen
    The Bluetooth remote control has an LCD screen offering multiple options: cruise control, independent adjustment of acceleration and braking, skate battery levels, remote control battery level, instantaneous speed, max speed, total mileage and mileage of the current session.


    A high-end transport bag
    The carrying bag designed specifically for the Curve V4 allows it to be easily and discreetly transported to your workplace or on public transport.

    You can wear it in 3 different ways:
    - In a backpack, with its 2 adjustable straps.
    - Over the shoulder, by lengthening one of the straps.
    - In a sports bag, the 2 shoulder straps turn into handles.

    This bag is designed to be rolled up and slipped into a supplied mini backpack, for carrying when using your electric skate.


    Battery charger
    The lithium (li-ion) battery is recharged using a 2 Ampere charger supplied with the 7 A.h and 11.6 A.h version.


    The 14 A.h battery is supplied with a 4 Amperes charger, for a recharge twice as fast!

    Estimated charging times:
    - 3 hours for the 7 A.h battery
    - 5h for the 11.6 A.h battery
    - 3 hours for the 14 A.h battery thanks to the 4A fast charger.


    Guarantee and easy maintenance
    The Curve V4 electric skate is guaranteed for 2 years, both for the skateboard and for the battery. 

    Evo-Spirit designed this Curve V4 Electric Longboard Skateboard with the goal of making it easy to replace parts when needed.

    Replacing the controller or motor is done in minutes, with no need to return the skateboard to the workshop.

    Evo-Spirit has all spare parts in stock and keeps them for several years, even for models that are no longer in the catalog, which allows you to maintain your electric skateboard in the long term.

    If necessary, do not hesitate to contact our expert in electric mobility by phone or email.



    This pack includes
    An Electric Skateboard Curve V4 sport version or homologated depending on option chosen.

    An interchangeable battery depending on the option chosen (7Ah, 11.6Ah or 14Ah).

    A battery charger:
    - 2A with DC2.5 connectors for 7Ah and 11.6 Ah batteries
    - 4A with Lumberg connectors for 14 Ah batteries
    A Bluetooth remote control with LCD screen.
    A high-end transport bag specific for electric skates.
    A mini backpack to store the transport bag during the ride
    Detachable front and rear light, for the EDPM version.
    "Finger bell" type audible warning device, for the EDPM version.
    A multi-tools for removing the wheels
    A user manual.





  • Warranty Conditions

    The warranty offered by Evo-Spirit is 2 years, except for batteries, where the warranty is limited to 1 year, with the exception of Switcher and Curve batteries, made in France 🇨🇵, guaranteed for 2 years.
    As part of the warranty, Evo-Spirit bears the cost of replacing parts as well as the cost of labor.
    However, the warranty only covers defects related to a manufacturing problem, and in no case to improper use.
    Manufacturing defects are rare, as our electric skateboards and electric scooters are individually tested at the end of production.
    Below is a non-exhaustive list of problems not covered by the warranty:

    For electric skates:
    Broken transmission belt: this is a wearing part and needs to be changed regularly.
    Wear of wheel or tire gums: these are wearing parts that need to be changed regularly.
    Breakage of the plateau: a jump a little high, a rider a bit heavy and a bad reception and crac… the plateau is broken. In this case, it is an extreme use which is not guaranteed, the trays being tested to be very resistant, but not unbreakable ...
    Breakage of the remote control: a fall, the remote control ends up thrown against the ground, and the plastic shell breaks ... Even if it can happen, it is not covered by the warranty.

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