The Evo-LD100 electric scooter is perfect for riding long distances with its comfort and great autonomy.

  • Produit Info

    High strength front and rear inflatable wheel
    For unparalleled comfort.


    Front disc brake
    For optimal security.


    Digital display integrated into the handlebars
    36V / 2.2AH battery: 79wh.

    36V battery
    Lithium 7.8 A.h. : range: 18 km Max / speed: 25 km / h
    Lithium 11.6 A.h. "Made in France" 🇨🇵: range: 25 km Max / speed: 25 km / h
    Lithium 14 A.h. "Made in France" 🇨🇵: range: 30 km Max / speed: 25 km / h
    brushless motor

    Brushless motor in the front wheel
    Motor power: 350w
    Wheel Diameter: 10inch / 25cm
    Rear light
    Ultra bright and with low consumption.

    Electronic accelerator and brake
    quick-folding, easy-folding system
    Folded sizes:

    Length: 118cm
    Width: 55cm
    Height: 43cm

    2 years
    (except 7.8Ah battery: 1 year).
    More informations

    charging time
    Battery 7.8 A.h. : 3-4H
    Battery 11.6 A.h. : 4-5H
    Battery 14 A.h. : 5-6H

    weight weight
    Evo-LD100 with 7.8 A.h. : 18 kg
    Evo-LD100 with 11.6 A.h. : 18.5 kg
    Evo-LD100 with 14 A.h. : 19 kg


    maintenance-Facile_easyEasy maintenance
    Evo-Spirit designs its scooters with the particular aim of facilitating maintenance when necessary. Replace the battery, controller or motor in just a few minutes with an Allen wrench. Evo-Spirit has all spare parts in stock and keeps them for several years even for models that are no longer in the catalog, which allows you to maintain your scooter in the long term.

  • Warranty Conditions

    Guarantee of electric scooters
    The warranty offered by Evo-Spirit is 2 years, except for batteries, where the warranty is limited to 1 year, with the exception of Switcher and Curve batteries, made in France 🇨🇵, guaranteed for 2 years.
    As part of the warranty, Evo-Spirit bears the cost of replacing parts as well as the cost of labor.
    However, the warranty only covers defects related to a manufacturing problem, and in no case to improper use.
    Manufacturing defects are rare, as our electric skateboards and electric scooters are individually tested at the end of production.
    Below is a non-exhaustive list of problems not covered by the warranty:


    For electric scooters:
    Wear of the wheels or tires: these are wear parts that need to be changed regularly
    Breaking the board: electric scooters are not made for jumping. In the event of a jump, and therefore improper use, the plate can break.


    For the batteries of  electric scooters.
    Decreased battery life: You use your skate or scooter daily by charging it 1 to 2 times a day, and before the end of the warranty period your autonomy decreases. It's just that you have reached a significant number of charge / discharge cycles, and your battery is at the end of its life, nothing abnormal, it must be replaced. However, if the autonomy drops by more than 30%, we will consider partial warranty coverage.

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